Five Health Benefits to Playing the Guitar

It’s so much funmaking notes and setting tones.

Gaetano Sacco

Parties, fame, and fortune aside, there’s a reason why we look up to rockstars, why we call them our heroes and hope to one day be like them. Now I won’t argue that The Rolling Stones and Red Hot Chili Pepper’s have access to some of the top physicians and specialists in the world, but it seems to me that guitar players, in particular, have this sort of immortal presence both on stage and off.


Maybe the axe is just as powerful as any diet, exercise plan, or supplement to maintaining a healthy life? Men’s Health Magazine certainly believes that the guitar serves as a “six string solution for a healthier mind, body.” Let’s find out why:

Musical motivation

A neuro-scientific study from McGill University found that hearing music, including listening to the music that you’re playing, triggers the release of dopamine, otherwise known as the “motivation molecule.” Helping to boost…

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