Knock Knock Knock’in on Wood

Anyone who’s even tried to learn a few basic guitar chords will realize how much force and dexterity are required in the fingers of the fret hand to play an F barre chord – simultaneously firmly holding and index finger across all six strings and at the same time getting the middle ring and little fingers to hold three other strings.

Over the years Keith Richards has also made changes to his playing technique which might have made it easier for him to perform as he gets older. In the late 60’s he started using a form of guitar tuning called ‘open tuning’ (which allows a more economical use of the fretboard compared to standard tuning) and started using a 5 string guitar (a standard guitar has 6 strings). On describing this adaptation, he says;  ‘there’s a million places you don’t have to put your fingers. The notes are there already’

Now take your pick

F Major basic open position



The Dreaded F BAR CHORD